Vastness bearable only through love

Tina & Cory

When Tina and Cory told us the name of the venue, The Flying Spur, we couldn't find it anywhere online. That's because it's an invite only, friend exclusive venue. And it was beautiful. That's the thing about Yosemite. Yose-mites (people who live in the park) serve one another. Everybody pulled together for this incredible wedding day. I used to work in Yosemite and my old boss was the day-of coordinator. Something like that is a true testament to this community and Tina and Cory's character. One side was a perfect frame of Half Dome. The other side was a look into the Merced Valley. And in between were Yose-mites dancing, celebrating, cheering for Tina and Cory. Their vows were teary and laughy, memorable and genuine. Tina and Cory were engaged for ten years before tying the knot - so we're all confident, the entire park of Yosemite, they will be together forever.

A Yosemite National Park Wedding in Yosemite, California

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