A cross-continental love


You probably would lose count of all the countries represented at this Portugal destination wedding. Germany, USA, Vietnam, Angola, South Africa, the list goes on. Miriam and Tyler's loved ones came from all over to celebrate their THIRD wedding celebration. Yes they have so many friends and family, they had three celebrations to make sure everybody got a chance to see them vow their love again and again. They're definitely an unlikely couple at first glance. When you take a little closer look, you'll see it's their love from and for Jesus that unites them. You need good people in your life. Miriam and Tyler are two good ones in mine. Thank you for inviting me to your dance party that lasted all night. As Miriam and Tyler grow older, they'll have this film to reflect and look back on to see and hear why they vowed to marry one another. Blessings you two!

A Quinta do Torneiro Wedding in Lisbon, Portugal

38.7°N, 9.1°W

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