Jacoby was losing it when he saw Madison. Here’s a bold statement: that’s the love people should strive for. When she was walking down the aisle, he couldn’t hear her, he wasn’t touching her, he definitely couldn’t smell her. He could only see her. Just the sight of his bride was enough to move him to tears. That’s love. This day included Cliffside Acres as the perfect venue, and an all women team for photo and video! Many elements came together to form the best day of their life..… so far. As Madison and Jacoby go on this journey with Christ in the middle, we have no doubt there are more best days to come. They had the greatest array of friends and family supporting them. This speaks volumes about the type of people Madison and Jacoby are – intentional, kindhearted, kingdom seeking. Madison and Jacoby, thank you for including us. We had such a blast on your day, and we hope you will have a blast reliving your wedding day for years and years to come.

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