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Lauren & RYAN

The first time we talked to Lauren, we knew this was a special couple. She recounted countless stories spanning continents, countries, time zones, of her and Ryan’s adventurous love. Did we mention he studies chocolate for a living, and she’s a professional ballerina? Hyde House Tampa was a dream. The Revel Co did a magnificent job with florals and decoration. One of the bridesmaids mentioned how Lauren’s mother and Ryan’s mother came together and formed this awe-inspiring friendship. These families were meant to unite. From watching Lauren’s mother hold back tears at her daughter in white, listening to Ryan’s father’s heartfelt message, and all the siblings joining hands to cheer on the bride and groom. As the sun set on Hyde House Tampa, everybody was dancing their butts off (ballerina’s remember?). Go Ostranders. Go McArdles. Two superstar families. A superstar couple. As they embark on this lifelong adventure, they have this film to rewatch again and again. To relive when they’re old and wrinkly. We are so grateful we got to witness this day. Cheers to Lauren and Ryan!

A Hyde House Tampa Wedding in Tampa, Florida

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