Who brought the Kleenex?

I've been looking forward to Tyler's marriage for a long time. When college kids were throwing dodgeballs at us, we had a profound conversation of what marriage would look like in our lives. Then he met Kat. Wonderful Kat. Full of energy Kat. They're honestly perfect for each other and their wedding video will show you. When the family and bridesmaids were walking down the aisle, Tyler was already losing it, tears streaming down his face. Then came Kat. Walking down the aisle with her parents, looking beautiful as ever. We don't stop there. No, no, their personal vows hit hard - reminding us of their Father who loves them first. This whole day was a party, or more so a celebration. Celebrating Kat and Ty and their love, and more importantly Jesus' love for them. Turn down the lights, watch the film, and when it's over, hit play again and again and again. Kat and Ty, we get to know so many couples and you two are one of our favorites.

A Rural Society Wedding in Mount Vernon, Ohio

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