Laugh till your face hurts

Hillary & Kyle

Posters of Jimmy Fallon usually aren't connected with matchmaking, yet for this couple, we can thank Jimmy for lighting off their first spark. Since that lovely poster, Hillary and Kyle took things one step at a time, getting to know one another, which lead to a true relationship rooted in Christ. On their wedding day, you could tell how they meshed well together, bouncing off one another, complimenting each other's quirky qualities, and that's why they stood at the altar together. There was so much humor surrounding this day which is a testament to Hillary and Kyle - two easy going, lighthearted, smiley people. There wedding at the Ohio Statehouse was elegant and chic. Some might think that doesn't really go with funny, jolly vibes, but somehow it worked because the whole wedding party kept the mood light. And Hillary and Kyle just so happen to be two smoke shows that can crack a good joke.

An Ohio Statehouse Wedding in Columbus, Ohio

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